Muad Hassan


Muad Hassan is a long-time resident of St Paul, MN and the greater Twin Cities area. He understands the issues that need to be addressed for Minnesota and the country to prosper.

He has experience working in several different sectors, starting as a low wage earner before moving onto other career paths in business. Along the way, he forged many relationships with hard-working, Minnesotans, and upon listening to their stories, some sad and some motivating, he was moved to become an advocate for those who yearned for change. He is a firm believer that with the right resources and tools, one can become a successful and contributing citizen. It is his priority to equip people in the Twin Cities with adequate support and advocacy.

As a parent, it is his mission to invest in the education of the children who are the future of our country. Education is a pivotal factor for achieving the “American Dream,” and he wants to empower all by making education more affordable. He also wants to make healthcare affordable, which will allow people to focus on their families and build their futures. Better paying jobs, paid maternity leave, childcare, and immigration are some of the issues he’ll work on.

Moreover, he is determined to give a voice to the disadvantaged and champion the rights of all Minnesotans. He will actively listen to better understand so that he is able to provide solutions that best fit the community’s needs. He believes that collaboration with the community and other representatives is crucial to ensure that our communities flourish. No one party can do anything beneficial for the whole country by itself. We need each other, and that’s why he's running—to change the culture and make America work for everyone.